Patients who do not not attend their appointments create a great damage to your clinic especially if they do not re-book.

Cliniq Apps will help re-book these patients by using automated messaging in which the patient is reminded that fees may apply due to DNA if they don't re-book. 

Follow the instruction below to set the best automation:

1. Messages: Create one SMS , one Email and one Phone Call list.

You may use the scripts below:

SMS: DNA Rebooker

You missed your appt today with us. Pls call us on 000000 or click (insert booking link) to reschedule if you haven't already.


Email: DNA Rebooker

Subject: Action Required - It's 4 days passed!


It looks like you missed an appointment with us 4 days ago!

Usually, a non-attendance fee applies for no-shows (but we hate doing things like that!). We're able to waive the fee for you today if you reschedule your appointment. Just click the BOOK HERE button below or you may also contact us on 00000.

Clinic name

Phone Call List: You can either leave a note for your reference or create your own phone call script.


{FIRSTNAME} patient has no future appt. since no show.

Then set the priority of the tickets, who should get notified, and how many tickets they will receive per day.

2. Click on Automation Rules and Click on New Automations


  1. Name the Automation for your reference.

  2. Select unsubscription category

  3. Select unsubscription automation type. For information about automation categorization and type click HERE.

  4. Select the iteration of the automation

  5. Click Continue to proceed to the next steps

Click the SELECT button and choose Patients with Appointments

Select the clinic location and click the and button

Then choose their appointment

And set it to less than 7 days have passed since appointment no show. Click the and and choose have no future appointment.

Continue by clicking the then button.

Select communicate with patient -> send sms -> select the sms that you created

Do the same steps to add the email and the Task and set the timing to

  • SMS - 2 hour later

  • Email - 4 days later

  • Task - 1 day later

Click on Apply Changes

Then Save Automation

To start the automation simply click the PLAY ▶️ button.

When you activate this automation, your patients will receive an SMS 2 hrs after No Show. If they haven't re-booked yet, an email will be sent 4 days later.
This will ensure re-booking of your DNA patients. Lastly, in the event that they still haven't rebooked the last practitioner and an admin team member will be notified of their information through your Task Manager on the 5th day from No Show.

If you have any questions, please chat with us in your Cliniq Apps web messenger.

Enjoy growing your practice!
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