With Cliniq Apps you can easily unsubscribe your patients in
Settings-> Unsubscriptions.

  1. Manual unsubscription from a Campaign Type

You can select specific individuals from your patients' list and unsubscribe them from the "Campaign Type" of your choice. This will ensure that they are unsubscribed from all the campaigns that have the same type (A, B or C).
For example, if you unsubscribe your patients from one of the type "A" campaigns the patient will be unsubscribed from all the campaigns that are type "A". Use the dropdown to select campaign types for each campaign.
Don't forget to SAVE!

We suggest to organise your campaigns by types. For example, you can assign the letter A to your transactional campaigns such as the DNA rebooker, Cancellation reducer, Appointment reminders, etc. Then, assign the letter B to the marketing campaigns such as Reactivation, Satisfaction, Welcome, etc.

  2. List unsubscription from a Campaign Type

You can unsubscribe patients from the campaign of your choice by uploading the (email) list of patients into that campaign. This list will be unsubscribed from ALL the campaigns that have the same type of the one you've uploaded them to.

You'll have to choice to:

  • Add to current list: this will add this uploaded list of patients to the existing unsubscribed patients from the campaign
  • Rewrite current list: this will rewrite the list and only unsubscribe the patients on the new list that you've uploaded

Don't forget to SAVE!

Remember, your patients can unsubscribe using the unsubscription options provided automatically in the emails that you send.

The following video filmed on Facebook Live Streaming will give you an overview on these unsubscription options.

Enjoy growing your practice!
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