It is important that your patient communication does not end in the office.
In order for to create loyal patients, you need to have a continued care strategy. These strategies include scheduling touchpoints with patients between appointments. The campaigns below will facilitate your patient retention through continued care.

New Patient Welcome

Sending your new patients a welcome email that includes personal note helps to create loyal customers for your practice. Be sure to include a link to your website and any other information they may need.
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Having touchpoints follow ups with patients between appointments is huge for your practice’s continued care strategy. However, it is important to provide value when sending these messages to avoid spamming your patients.
Using Cliniq Apps' Treatment Notes and Tags filter you can send educational and informative messages to your patients based on their conditions and treatment notes.
For example, you could send your patients suffering from back pain a quick video showing the best home exercises that they need to do to improve their conditions.
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Birthday Wishes

Another great way to make your patients feel important is to wish them a happy birthday. Reaching out with a quick text or email on their birthday is the perfect way to show your patients that you care.
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