Easily import your clients from Nookal into Cliniq Apps:

Step 1: Get your Nookal API key

  1. Login to your Nookal account
  2. Go to Practice->Integrations->Marketplace
  3. Click configure on Cliniq Apps
  4. Select ALL the synchronise additional data and ALL locations
  5. Copy the API key (CMD + C or CTRL + C) to your clipboard
  6. SAVE Changes

Step 2: Add your Nookal API key to your Cliniq Apps account

  1. Login to your Cliniq Apps account  (Note: you need to login on the web version, not iPad or iPhone)
  2. Go to the Settings -> Integrations
  3. Paste in your API key (CTRL+V)
  4. Click save

Enjoy growing your practice!
Cliniq Apps

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