Who likes putting their personal details every time they login to their social media account? No ONE

The same concept is very true for your patients who just want to re-book an appointment with you. With the traditional way of re-booking, your patients have to go through the same old questions they need to input everytime they want to see you. While there might be patients whose patience are longer than Nile River, we can't avoid the ones that aren't. Most of these patients are our dear elderly ones.

Hyper Recall - SMS  will save you from the horror of losing a potential re-booker. With this feature, patients will only need to select the Appointment Time. BAM! Appointment is booked. You can use this for the following automations:

  1. Cancellation rebooker:
    Send a message to those who have cancelled their appointment and have not re-booked yet along with a soft reminder about your cancellation fees etc. The simplicity of just clicking a link and booking, will make your messages more successful.

  2. DNA rebooker:
    How frustrating it is to have a no-show?! Worst when you will never hear back from that patient again. Use the Hyper-recall sms to get those patients book another appointment. Because they don’t need to fill heaps of information when clicking on the link, your success rate to get those patients back in your clinic will be higher.

  3. Reactivation 3-6 mos., 6-12 mos. & 12 mos. onwards:
    When you are sending a message to your patient for recalling them, you are already using their First and Last name and some other information. It is a much better patient experience if you don’t ask the same questions again when they want to book an appointment. Less clicks and less form filling also increases your re-booking rate.


FOR CLINIKO clients you need to set your practitioner's API Key. This is step is a must otherwise you won't be able to set your practitioners for your Hyper-Recall sms. You can follow the guide HERE.

Step by step guide




Page 1: Create SMS

1. Name your message for your reference.

2. Compose your sms content. You have up to 2000 characters to exhaust in your sms content. For example, if your Hyper-Recall SMS is for your cancellation re-booker. You may say:

Hi {FIRSTNAME},We are sending this SMS to confirm your cancellation. To re-book please click on the link below.

When your patient clicks on the link it will take them to the booking page.

3. Select an email address where the replies of your patients will be sent to should you allow them to reply to the sms.

Page 2. Recall Preferences

  1. Set the location
    Patient's last location - if you want your patient to see you again at the last clinic they visited you.
    I want to choose a location - If the patient's last location is no longer available i.e, it has been closed. You can select a different location from the drop down menu.

  2. Set the Practitioner:
    Patient's last practitioner - if you want your patient to book for the last practitioner who treated him.
    I want too choose a practitioner - If the patient's last practitioner is no longer available i.e, she/he is no longer working at the clinic. You can tick the box of a different practitioner from the options.

  3. Set the Appointment type
    Patient's last appointment type - if you want your patient to book for the same last appointment type.
    I want too choose an appointment type - If the patient's last appointment type is no longer available i.e, has been removed from your practice management software. You can select a different appointment type from the drop down menu.

Once all set, don't forget to SAVE MESSAGE.

When you open the appointment diary in Cliniko a note will show that the appointment was "Booked by Cliniq Apps - Hyper Recall".

Wondering how it looks like? Send a test sms to yourself using a Test patient profile from your practice management software. Just make sure you have access to the mobile number where you are sending it to. The guide on how to send a test Hyper-Recall sms is HERE. 😉

If you have any questions, please chat with us in your Cliniq Apps web messenger.

Enjoy growing your practice!
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