Design your Kiosk interface to your liking. Here are the step by step guide on how to do it.

Kiosk Name

You may name your Kiosk based on which clinic location it will be used. 


This is a face recognition feature and is currently work in progress. Once it is ready we will announce it in our Facebook group page.


You will no longer have to put the URL of your T&C and Privacy Policy. You may simply paste it inside the box. This gives you the opportunity to highlight anything in your T&C and Privacy Policy that you want to emphasize to your patients.


Don't forget to switch on the button. As mentioned in the introduction under CHECK IN items 2 & 3

2. If the appointment requires patient form, it can detect if your patient has filled your automated patient form or not. 

3. If the patient hasn't filled the form it will give the patient an option to select where they want to fill it up. On your iPad, send as an sms or email (this depends on which contact detail is available on their profile in Cliniko).


  • Make sure that the patient form you will add is what you are also automating (if you have a running campaign for patient form).


This is the part where you will upload your own logo, change the color of the Kiosk backgrounds etc. The logo may be on JPEG or PNG format.

Here's a sample of customized Kiosk. The logo is a PNG file.


Write a personalize message to your patients after they have completed the process i.e, You Are Checked In!. You may also upload a short video introduction of your clinic.


  • The video must be in MP4 format and MUST NOT exceed 20mb in size.

Here's a sample of customized Kiosk.


This is for your WALK IN feature where you can select specific appointment types that you will allow your patients to book an appointment for the day. You may also cap the appointment times that will display from the current time of booking. 

What does it mean?

For example if this part is set to 1 hour and the patient arrives at 8:00am. The schedule that it will allow the patient to book is only from 8am to 9am.


Don't forget to SAVE your work to get the link that you will use to create a shortcut or an App-like icon on your iPad or Tablet and click HERE for the guide.

If you have any questions that this guide hasn't covered do not hesitate to ask us in your web messenger.

Enjoy growing your practice!
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