Add a personal touch and show your patients you care about their well being by giving them a phone call. This will also give you the opportunity to educate them on steps they can take to protect themselves and fight COVID-19. Managing timely phone calls and tasks would be more complicated than email communication, especially if you are providing telehealth.

The steps below will show you how you can add access to your admin staff member and or other practitioners to the Task Manager.

  1. Click on Settings.

Then go to User Management

Then click on New User+

Complete the details of the user. You may skip the communications settings and proceed to click on Invite to Cliniq Apps.

They will receive an email with their login details then. The following security role access is limited to the Task Manager only.

  • Admin Staff

  • Practice Manager

  • Practitioner

Cliniq Apps Site Users have access to your entire Cliniq Apps account.

If you have any questions, please chat with us on your Cliniq Apps web messenger.

Enjoy growing your practice!
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