The Task Manager will manage all of your phone calls that needs to be done and ad-hoc SMS, Email and Patient Forms. Once added as a step in an automation, your practitioners and or the admin staffs you assigned it to will receive the notifications of the list of patients they need to call in the Task Manager tab.

  1. Create your call list - Click on Message Templates under Automations tab.

Then click New Message.

Then select Task.

  1. Name the Task for your reference.

  2. This is where you can create a script for your admin staffs that they can use as a guide during the call or simply just a note regarding purpose of the call.

3. Select the priority of the task.

4. Select the assignee of the task.

5. Set how many task they must complete per day.

Then click on Save Message once all set.

Go to Patient Campaigns then to create the automation that will automate the task to the assignee. For example, the screenshot below is an automation that automatically sends a message to patients if they didn't show up for their appointment and they no longer have any upcoming appointments then.

The sequences mean that:

Step 1: Patients join the patient group when the patient's appointment is marked NO SHOW in the practice management software and the patient doesn't have any upcoming appointments.

Step 2: An SMS will be sent 2 hours after Step 1 if the patient still doesn't have any appointments.

Step 3: An email will be sent 4 days later as a follow up if the patient still doesn't have any appointments. If the patient made an appointment prior to this day the rest of the steps will be canceled.

Step 4: The names of the patients who still don't have any upcoming appointments will be sent to each assignee a day after the email. This means that it has been 5 days since they didn't show up to their appointment and they still have no upcoming appointments. By this time the assignee must call the patient to check on them.

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