Online Check In is a touch-free kiosk that doesn't ask any question from your patient. It already knows your patient, so they just click "I have arrived" on their own phone and that's it. They are marked as arrived in your practice management software (Cliniko only) and you are notified that the patient has arrived. You can also get the system to ask your patients to fill their intake form if they haven't done it via messages that you have sent to them before. Many clinics are using this to make sure their waiting rooms are not overcrowded during the COVID-19 pandemic. They ask their patients to click "I have arrived" while waiting in their car. It simply is a smarter, touch-free, paperless, COVID safe-check-in mechanism.

✅Prevents crowded room.
✅Prevents spread of the virus.
✅Provides convenience both for the clinic staff and the patients.
✅Minimize noise in the front room.
✅Patients have the freedom and convenience to do anything while comfortably waiting inside the car.
✅Patients don't need to worry about missing their queue because will be called once it's their turn.
✅Saves time as patient can answer the forms ahead in their own pace and time.


Go to Tools and Click on Online Check-in

Click on Create Online Check In +

1. Check In Page

1. Enter the setup name

2. Name of the page. You may simply put Online Check-in in this area.

3. Customize what you want to say on the Online Check In page.

4. This is the check-in button. You may change the script from I Have Arrived to anything that you prefer i,e. I'm here.

2. Notification - This is the sms part of the online checkin. You may opt to use the default script below or use your own words.


To prevent spreading of COVID-19 please wait in your car or within safe distance from others outside and click the link below. We will call you in.

3. Additional Settings - Adjust the settings such as the sending time and the reply to email address for the notification message and add the forms your patients are required to fill in order to check in.

Once all is done click the Save Check In button

Click the play button to start automating your online check in link.

If you have any questions, please chat with us in your Cliniq Apps web messenger.

Enjoy growing your practice!
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