Why use custom email templates

Email templates help you save time and increase productivity. With outlines stored in one space, you can easily access what you need when you have an automation task scheduled.

How to create a custom email template

  1. Go to Message Templates and create a New Message.

  2. A modal window will appear with the resources; choose Email.

  3. Name your template.

  4. Supply the subject title for reference.

  5. Click {x} to add dynamic variable(s) in the subject field (optional).

  6. Personalize your email using text formatting features.

  7. Insert dynamic variable(s) in the body text (optional).

  8. Check the word count at the bottom right.

  9. Preview your message on the right side of the page.

  10. Click Next for the Additional Settings.

  11. Choose a Sender Email from the dropdown. The Sender Name will be filled in automatically.

Now you are ready to automate your message!

For additional questions or concerns, we'd be happy to assist you! Chat with us via Cliniq Apps web messenger.

Enjoy growing your practice!
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