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In-practice Patient Forms

Instructions on how to build the In-practice patient form

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First, make sure that you have set up your API keys for your practitioners. Please read HERE.

With Cliniq Apps, you can now ask your patients to fill out the patient form when they arrive at your practice. You can do it through an Ipad for example (you can even put it on a stand so your patients can fill the form when they arrive).

Check how you can create and customize the questions of your digital patient form HERE.

Steps to create the in-practice form:

Create a name for the form


Patient Details - Select the information you wish to get from your patient relevant to their details. For more information check the intro article HERE.

Other Questions - Select the Treatment Notes Template you created in Cliniko that has all questions that you wish your patients to answer.


  • Copy data to patient notes

  • Body Chart

For Nookal and Coreplus users, you will need to add the questions to your Cliniq Apps account.


Design and brand your patient form.



  • Fill out the form for...

  • Email address to receive notifications when the form is filled


  • Save a copy of the submitted form as a PDF file

  • Add a signature pad at the end of the form

  • Ask privacy policy consent question

Once all steps are done SAVE the form and wait for the link to be created. Check how you can create an app/shortcut on your iPad HERE.

Your patient will have to fill their 4 factors of authentication, if they entered the same as what they have been registered on Cliniko then the patient will be recognized. 

A message will be shown ‘Please confirm you are a new patient and reception desk has not entered your details. Please ask the reception desk for help’ will be shown if any of us don’t find the details entered. So, it’s important to ask the patient if they have had an appointment before and make sure that they enter the same details that you’ve got on your Cliniko or just update these details. This will avoid duplicating patients on Cliniko.

The patient form will refresh 15 seconds after submission to allow new patients to fill their forms which are perfect to have the Ipad on a stand at the reception.

If you have any questions, please chat with us on your Cliniq Apps web messenger.

Enjoy growing your practice!
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