With Cliniq Apps you can create a shortcut or an App-like icon on your iPad for your patients to click on and start filling their forms when they come to your practice.

How to get this on your Ipad?

Copy the link or send it on your email using the ‘Email me instructions and the link to’

Paste the link on your Safari and click on the share button

Select 'Add to Home Screen'

Give it a name

You've got an App

Now you can give your patients the iPad to fill the form and you can put it on a stand as it refreshes after each submission making itself ready for the next patient.

Your patient will have to fill their 4 factors of authentication, if they entered the same as what they have been registered on Cliniko then the patient will be recognized. 

A message will be shown ‘Please confirm you are a new patient and reception desk has not entered your details. Please ask the reception desk for help’ will be shown if any of we don’t find the details entered. So, it’s important to ask the patient if they have had an appointment before and make sure that they enter the same details that you’ve got on your Cliniko or just update these details. This will avoid duplicating patients on Cliniko.

If you have any questions, please chat with us on your Cliniq Apps web messenger.

Enjoy growing your practice!
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