You can now send SMS for your patients to confirm or decline their upcoming appointment. Their choice will be shown immediately in their appointments notes on your Cliniko. They can even leave you a comment!

So How's That Work?

Your patient will receive 2 SMS simultaneously, one customised by you and the other is the link to confirm or decline their appointment.

How you can automatically send SMS confirmation one day prior appointment?


1. Create SMS - Create a message by going to Message Templates and select Appointment Confirmation+

  1. Name the message for your reference

  2. Where you can create and customise your first SMS (make sure it's less than 160 characters).
    For example it can be:
    Hi {FIRSTNAME}, we look forward to seeing you at {NEXT_LOCATION} on {NEXT_START}. Please confirm your appointment by clicking on the link below.

2. Confirmation Page - Customize the confirmation page to brand it.

1. Name the message for your reference. ONLY YOU CAN SEE THIS.

2. Upload your clinic logo to brand the page.
3. Confirm Button - You may change the script of the Confirmation Button to your preference. You may use Yes, I will attend instead.
4. Call Button - This button will dial the number of the next appointment's location.

5. Include Refuse button - This is optional. It allows your patient to reject the appointment. It will not cancel it but will inform the clinic that the patient cannot make it to the appointment.

6. Nominate an email here to receive alerts whenever the patient has replied to your appointment confirmation sms.

7. This feature is optional. You may set it to automatically send a relevant patient form to the patient when they confirm that they are coming in to the appointment.

Non Customisable Parts

  • Appointment Start: will automatically show the date and the time of the appointment

  • Appointment Location: will automatically show the location of appointment

  • Comment: is left for your patients to give you a comment

Customisable Features (edit in Colors):

  • Confirmation Button

  • Call Button

  • Cancel My Appointment

 2. Then click on Automation Rules and Click on New Automations


  1. Name the Automation for your reference.

  2. Select unsubscription category

  3. Select unsubscription automation type. For information about automation categorization and type click HERE.

  4. Select the iteration of the automation

  5. Click Continue to proceed to the next steps

Click the SELECT button and choose Patients with Appointments

Select the clinic location and click the and button

Then choose their appointment

And set it to More than 3 days remain before next appointment. Then click the and button then choose appointment date

Set it to 3 days in the future and 4 days in the future

Once done click the then button and choose communicate with patient

Select send appointment confirmation+

Set it to 1 hour later

Click on Apply Changes

Then Save Automation

To start the automation simply click the PLAY ▶️ button.

When you activate this automation, your patients will receive the SMS appointment confirmation on the 3rd day from their appointment. This will give you ample time to fill the gap in your diary in case they decline. You may also adjust this to x day from their appointment depending on your internal protocol.

If you have any questions, please chat with us in your Cliniq Apps web messenger.

Enjoy growing your practice!
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