Wishing your patients a happy birthday and sending them a voucher as a gift will make their day. Most importantly, they will love the gesture and remember to book with you. This article will show you how to send a birthday message to patients that are inactive and active.

1. Messages: Create an email in Message Templates.

You may use the script below.


On this special day, our wish for you is that you are, and will always be, happy and healthy! We hope this has been a great year and that the next will be even better.

Happy Birthday!

P.S. I have a special gift lined up for you, call us on 12345678 and I'll provide you with a discount voucher valid for 7 days upon receipt of this email!

Clinic Name

2. Click on Automation Rules and Click on New Automations


  1. Name the Automation for your reference.

  2. Select unsubscription category

  3. Select unsubscription automation type. For information about automation categorization and type click HERE.

  4. Select the iteration of the automation

  5. Click Continue to proceed to the next steps

Click the SELECT Patients with Appointments

Select the clinic location and click the and button

Then choose their appointment

ACTIVE PATIENTS - Set it to more than 15 minutes remain before next appointment then click the and button

INACTIVE PATIENTS - Set it to more than 1 month have passed since last appointment and choose have no future appointment.

LEADS - Choose Patients with no appointments (leads)

Once done, click the and button and then select their birthday is today.

Once done, click the then button to proceed to the next steps.

Select communicate with patient -> send email -> select the email that you created


For Birthday, your patients will receive the message at 10am (Melbourne-Australia time). If you set the campaigns to send the message 1 hour after step 1, then the patients with birthday today will receive the message at 11am Melbourne time.

If you are based in Europe, we recommend to set up your campaign to send the message 8-9 hours after step 1.

Click on Apply Changes

Then Save Automation

To start the automation simply click the PLAY ▶️ button.

When you activate this automation, your patients will receive a birthday message that includes a voucher.

If you have any questions, please chat with us in your Cliniq Apps web messenger.

Enjoy growing your practice!
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