First, make sure that you have setup your API keys for your practitioners. Please read HERE.

Check how you can create and customise the questions of your digital patient form in HERE.

Form Templates can be found in Automations.

You can send the patient forms via email so your patients can fill the form at their own convenience and the answers will pop-up on your Cliniko immediately after submission.

Research shows SMS delivery rate is 70% higher than emails and its open rates are as high as 98%, compared to just 20% of all emails this is the best type of form for you to send if you want a better completion rate.

Step by step guide



Patient Details - Select the information you wish to get from your patient relevant to their details. For more information check the intro article HERE.

Other Questions - Select the Treatment Notes Template you created in Cliniko that has all questions that you wish your patients to answer.

Every section of the treatment notes will be displayed in a separate page of the form. You can create your customised patient form by creating your own treatment note template on your Cliniko in Settings->Treatment Note Template.

Answers from your patients will be saved as a draft in their treatment notes, the practitioner can then accept them as final.

You can also select "Copy data to patient notes' if you wish to have the answers also saved as notes in the patient details.

Note: using an asterisk at the end of your treatment note in your practice management software makes the field mandatory to your patients. Thus, they cannot submit the form if these fields are not filled.


  • Copy data to patient notes

  • Body Chart

For Nookal and Coreplus users you will need to add the questions in your Cliniq Apps account.


Design and brand your patient form.

In edit EMAIL create the following script:

Hi {FIRSTNAME}, Welcome to our clinic!It is with great pleasure that we welcome and thank you for choosing us to help assist you. Your appointment will take place on {NEXT_START} with {NEXT_PROVIDER_FIRSTNAME} at {NEXT_LOCATION}. Please fill out the following form before your first visit to our clinic.This form will help us get you started on the right track towards your perfect health.

Clinic Name

If you want to send it to those who just booked their first appointment, please follow the instructions in this article.

If you have any questions, please chat with us in your Cliniq Apps we messenger.

Enjoy growing your practice!
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