With Cliniq Apps, you can send digital form to ask a digital consent from your patients to your new modified policy. This will be immediately updated in your practice management software. In the following, we will be asking the consent from all the patients.

  1. Create a Patient Form: Go to the edit email or sms and create the following message script:

We have updated our policy, please click below to read our new policy and give us your consent.

Your Clinic

In Additional Settings

  • Set the Fill the form for to LAST PRACTITIONER

  • Nominate an email address to receive notifications when the form is filled.

  • Switch on the Ask privacy policy consent question button and paste the URL or entire text of your GDPR page.

2. Create an Automation Rule: Go to Automation Rules tab.

The click on New Automation


  1. Name the Automation for your reference.

  2. Select unsubscription category

  3. Select unsubscription automation type. For information about automation categorization and type click HERE.

  4. Select the iteration of the automation

  5. Click Continue to proceed to the next steps

Click the SELECT button and choose Patients with Appointments

Select the clinic location and click the and button

Then choose their appointment

Set it to more than 15 mins. have passed since last appointment and click the then button.

Select the communicate with patient button

And select the type of form that you have created

Set the timing of the message

Click on Apply Changes

Then Save Automation

To start the automation simply click the PLAY ▶️ button.

When activating this automation, all of your patients who have had an appointment with you will receive your request for consent in an hour.

If you have any questions, please chat with us in your Cliniq Apps we messenger.

Enjoy growing your practice!
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