How automation can help you with case management

Automatic case management puts you and your staff in control by giving you the power to manage cases seamlessly. You can send case notifications and reminders to your staff by email, using tasks, or even integrate with third-party task management systems.

How to get started

  1. Draft the communication that you'd like to automate and send out to your patients and/or staff members in Message Templates.

  2. Proceed to Automation Rules and set up your automation.

  3. Create an automation by pressing the New Automation button.

How to set up your automation

  1. Supply the Enter Automation Name field.

  2. Press Select unsubscription category and choose from the dropdown. To learn more about automation categories and types, visit this help article: Unsubscribe your patient.

  3. Select the iteration of the automation by pressing Select automation type.

  4. Press Continue to proceed to the next steps.

5. Click + SELECT and choose Patients with Appointments.

6. Select the clinic location and click + and.

7. Then, choose their cases.

8. Press Enable feature if the cases are not synced yet.

9. Once the synchronization process has started, you will get the screen below.

How to set the parameters

After the synchronization is complete, you may then set the parameters necessary in the automation, including the following:

  • Case status - open | closed


  • The issue date (when was this referral first issued?)

  • The expiry date (when does this referral expire?) - e.g. communication with patients asking them to get a new referral

  • case name (not case sensitive)

  • number of sessions done - e.g. an outcome measurement after finishing x number of sessions

  • number of sessions left to go - number of maximum sessions in the case out of the number of sessions done

  • percentage of maximum sessions booked within the case - Note that this is checking the number of bookings in the case, not the number of sessions done or attended. (e.g. If the maximum number of sessions allowed in the case is 5 and the patient has booked 2 sessions but has attended none of those sessions, the result here will be 40%.)

  • maximum number of sessions

  • percentage of cases done - A session is tagged DONE if it is in the past and is not canceled or DNA.

  • total invoiced

  • invoiceable amount left - total invocable amount; total invoiced.

  • percentage of the invoiceable amount invoiced

Click Apply Changes.

Then, press Save Automation.

To start the automation, simply click the PLAY ▶️ button.

If you have questions, please chat with us via Cliniq Apps web messenger.

Enjoy growing your practice!
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