How the feature can help you with staff management

This tool allows you to target and automate your communications with your team. You can set up automatic email alerts for managing cases and assigning tasks to your staff for action.

How to get started

  1. Go to Message Templates and create a New Message or choose from your existing templates.

  2. To learn how to create a new message template, follow the steps in this guide: How to add custom email templates for automation campaigns.

How to create an automation

  1. Proceed to Automation Rules and click New Automation.

  2. Supply Automation Name and press Select unsubscription category.

  3. Press Select automation type and choose from the dropdown.

  4. Choose between One-Time Automation and Recurring Automation.

  5. Click Continue.

How to set the rules and conditions for your automated alert

  1. Click + SELECT and choose between patients with appointments and patients with no appointments in the past or future (leads).

  2. If you choose patients with appointments, proceed to selecting clinic location.

  3. Click + and to set your desired condition(s) for the automation.

  4. Press + then and select communicate with my team > send email.

  5. Beside send Email message, select the message template.

  6. Choose any of the default values or specific users as recipients.

  7. Press Apply Changes and Save Automation.

  8. To run the automation, go to the automation page and simply click the PLAY ▶️ button.

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